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Why use Dawn Energy Consulting for Commercial and Residential Electricity?

When it comes to making well-timed electricity purchases for your business, nobody in the market offers a more powerful, yet easy to use solution. Whatever your current process is, we challenge you to take a look at how we are different.

Convenient Technology. We deliver customized, real-time electricity price and information alerts that are based on your current expiration date and load profile. Our clients can rely on us to identify electricity buying opportunities, and provide the fundamental and technical analysis to validate your decisions.

Long-Term Relationship. We consider our clients and their energy needs to be a long term, ongoing project to continuously shop for the lowest electricity rates and relevant market information.

Continuous Market Watch. With the highly volatile commercial electricity market, where timing is everything, there is opportunity to leverage volatility to your advantage. Our consultants continually monitor the market and will make you aware of any opportunities that may arise to mitigate your rate even further.

Client Reputation. Understanding that our clients’ role is to seek solutions specific to their business needs, we help take on the responsibility by understanding their goals, proactively seeking solutions, and providing resources to back decisions. We are here to make our clients look good!